Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Top Blue Eagle

Over this past weekend Roy and I had a very special opportunity to go to Washington DC. It was amazing, we stayed in the Grand Hyatt on H and 11th street, only a few blocks from the National Mall. We were able to walk from the Capital Building all the way to the Lincoln Memorial in less than 4 hours. We got to see the WWII memorial, Washington Monument, Veitnam Wall and the Smithsonian. Although the trip was only a few days it was a wonderful adventure.

Why were we so blessed to go? Roy, being the hard worker he is, was given the Commisioners Award for Top Blue Eagle in 2008. He was given this award for his pest inspections and research on the Capra Beattle (not sure if I spelled it right), a very nasty storage pest.

Even more amazing...we got to leave the two older girls home with Roy's aunt and uncle in Mckinney. Thank you very much Tracey and Glenda.

This is a picture of Sarah at the Award Ceremony. She was so cute with her guest pass badge on, we each had to have one to attend.

I forgot my camera at home so I will have to post more pictures later.