Thursday, June 11, 2009

How Much I Love to Fly

I've been meaning to post this for a while because I found it utterly hilarious and also realized how much the airlines are really trying to screw us.

On My recent flight hom from california, traveling on United (the same airline I had issues with last time and the only reason I was flying them again was because they sent me vouchers from the last incident.) with all 3 of my kids and no Roy I was confronted with the issue of all 3 kids trying to fall asleep at the same time. As I watched their heads bob back and forth or considered the pain they were in laying on the arm rests I asked the stewardess if they had any pillows and blankets, remembering that I had seem some in First Class. Our Conversation:

Me "Do you have any pillows and blankets?" pointing at my drifting children
Stewardess "Oh no, we dont offer those anymore because of the Swine Flu"
Me "I saw some in first class"
Stewardess "Let me see if there are any left"

She of course comes back and hands me a few. What kind of a reply is that? they Swine Flu, of all excuses to use. I mean she was basically stating, in not so many words, that people that can afford first class are immune to the Swine Flu, and the rest of us common folk are not. What a load of... Even now thinking back on it I still cannot comprehend what stupid person came up with that excuse, was it something they were told by higher authorities or something she came up with on the spot. Either way, I am still thuroughly dissapointed in the airlines today. WOW they must think we are ignorant.

Texas Weather

Well I have to say that Texas has the most extreme weather. One minute its sunny and the nest you are watching the neighbors trampoline blow over your fence.

I was talking to my sister on the phone and all of the sudden rain was falling from the sky blowing sideways. Roy had just set a nes post from the last storm we had that blew over our fence. Our wheelbarow was blowing around and all my pation furniture. And as we were watching out the back window the neighbors trampoline started moving and blew right into our fence. as you can tell it is not a small trampoline. In the middle of the storm Roy is over there taking the trampoline down and disassembling it.

We called our friends Jeni and Tim Gandy to make sure everything was ok over there. They were not home during the storm but came home to an utter disaster. In this picture tanken from the Gandy home you can see straight through 3 back yards, the trampoline is flipped over with bags of something, not sure what it was, holding it down. Their fence was also blown completely over on the other side also.
We lost power for only about 2 hours so I guess we were considerably lucky, there was a tornado that touched down at the walmart in the neighboring city and they lost power for I don't know how long. We had ordered pizza not more than 30 minutes before this storm but sad to say it was unable to be delivered.
While talking to my sister on my cell phone trying to figure out when the storm was going to be over, I was assured that we had seen the worst of it and it was done, not more than a 10 minute storm. But as I tried to sleep last night I couldnot because of the fierce thunder and lightning ALL NIGHT LONG. And what did I get to wake up to this morning? MORE RAIN. Well its not as bad as it wats last night, but with Roy going out of town basically all week its hard to keep the kids cooped up in the house all day.
Well that is my drama for the week.