Monday, September 6, 2010

Spunky Redheads

Just a funny Ann Marie story

Ann Marie: Emma, here's you water

Emma screams, then starts crying

Ann Marie runs down stairs

Mom: What happened?

Emma: Ann Marie dumped water on me

Mom: Ann Marie is this what happened

Ann marie: Yup

Mom: Did you do it on purpose?

Ann Marie: Yup

Mom: Why

Ann Marie: Cause Emma didn't want the cup I brought her, she wanted it in a sippy

Now this is just from my perspective but I think Emma got what she deserved. I talked to her about her using Ann Marie as a slave...only time will tell if she got the picture.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Hamblin Cuties

These Pictures were so amazing I had to lower the quality just to get them on to Blogger.

Thanks again Sis.

Funny Sarah Story

Two things before I tell this story. Roy has taught Sarah where here belly button is, aka "button", also where her "Pudgies" are, her little fat thighs.

Ok so I am laying on the floor on my tummy and Sarah comes up and lifts up my shirt exposing a small part of my back and exclaims "no button". She continues to look for my button including in my shirt sleeve. She looks one more time on my back and squeezes my waist and says "pudgies".

OUCH! Sarah, did you just called me fat?

Oh well the innocence of children