Monday, October 20, 2008

Texas weather

One evening the girls and I were sick of being stuck in the house, so we went on a walk outside. It was a nice evening, it had been raining and was starting to slow so we decided to go around the block. I put raincoats on the girls just in case, it was still sprinkling, and I just wore a sweatshirt. Well by the time we got about half way around the block it started to rain harder, and harder, and harder till it was finally pouring. It was too late to turn back so we just kept walking. It was actually quite refreshing. By the time we got home the puddles extended into the road atleast 2ft. The girls had a blast splashing and riding their bikes around in it.

Mud Bath

The girls had a friend over the other day and they were playing out side while us moms made cinnamon rolls. We check on them every once in a while and one time when we looked out the window Ann Marie looked like this...
Little did we know that she had been doing this...

That bucket was filled with the most filthy water i had ever seen. It had rain water, rocks, mud and grass/leaves in it. I think the girls were making some kind of stew. Well none the less they all took baths afterwards.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Impending Doom!

Roy mowed the lawn the other day and little did I know the drama it would bring to our children. Our back lawn has recently developed an overgrowth of small purple wildflowers, and I guess Emma grew quite attached to them because as Daddy started up the mower she immediately burst out in tears. She grabbed a bowl and sat down in the grass and began picking all the flowers she could to "save" them. I couldn't help but wonder of what her frantic little mind was thinking as the mower got closer and closer and finally destroyed all the beautiful flowers.