Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

This morning the girls and I headed to a Memorial Day Celebration in Gridley with Roy's family. As we are driving there the girls are, of course, asking every question they can think of, so I start explaining;

Me: "Memorial day is the day we remember all the people that fought in the wars"

Emma: "What is a war?"

Me: "A war is where people fight and lots of people die"

Emma: "good people or bad people?"

Me: "Both, good people and bad people fight in a war and some get killed"

So we find our seats and the Ceremony starts with some beautiful music and Memorial Services. Emma and I head to the back where the shade is and stand there for a while. After about 30 minutes of being there Emma looks up at me and says,

"When are they going to start killing eachother?"

WOW! I could not help but laugh out loud and I hope that no one else heard her. I promply discussed with her the fact that this was just a time to remember what happened not that they were going to fight and kill right then.

What will that girl come up with next?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I was going through all my pictures on my computer the other day and it got me to thinking about each of my children as they were born and have grown up. I look at sarah now and think, she looks a lot like Ann Marie did when she was born, but I get a lot of people tell me she looks like Emma. So I thought I would post a few pictures and let you all decide. Oh and I've made a little game to play, guess the baby. Answers at the bottom, don't cheat!

Baby #1

Baby #2

Baby #3

Answers: 1-Ann Marie, 2-Sarah, 3-Emma

Sarah, 4 months

I just realized that I have not posted very many pictures of Sarah on my blog. I blame my sister as she refuses to send me the pictures she took of Sarah at 1 month. So here are a few pictures that I have take recently.

When I Get Creative

It is a lot easier to do things when Emma is at preschool. So today I decided to be creative and use some of my Stampin Up products that I have recently purchased.

Here are my end results

Roy's 30th Birthday

Since Roy is finally an old man I had to plan something extra special for his birthday. I tried to go for a theme of Kids type games, but with an Adult twist.

Rule #1: Take the Birthday boy and give him a good beating.

Rule #2: Make sure and enjoy yourself while your're doing it

Rule #3: Have a little good, messy fun
Rule #4: LAUGH!

Rule #5: Wonder who your real friends are when they give you wierd, and extremely oversized gifts.

And last but not least
Rule #6: Make sure to take embarassing pictures and videos of your friends that they are sure to regret later