Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer Love

Recently our ward has been changed. our boundries changed and we were moved to a new building. As such we had a few members join, one little boy, Hunter, happens to be in Emmas class. This post will review the summer romance or Emma and Hunter

Day 1 Sunday, July 5th, 2009

I sat in front of this cute boy in Sacrament meeting today. I couldn't keep my eyes off him, I kept turning around so much it was driving my parents crazy. He has blazing red hair, I know our kids would be just absolutely adorable.

What Luck! the cute boy is 5 and is in my CTR5 class. I just found out his name is Hunter, I wish I had something cute to say to him to get his attention.

Emma: As she hands Hunter a small heart trinket, "I love you"
Hunter: Handing emma back the Trinket "I love you"
Emma: "We are in love"

He Loves Me!!! I am sad that church will be over soon and it will be so long before I see him again.

Day 2-7

Everyday I think about Hunter, I have even told my parents about him. They laugh. I know I will marry him. I wish I could have invited him to my birthday party I can't wait to see him again.

Day 8 Sunday, July 12th, 2009

My Granny called today to wish me happy birthday. I told her all about Hunter, she says to make sure I get married in the temple...I will.

I can't wait to get back to church and she his beautiful red hair...ooooh he is so cute.

As I run to find my seat in the chapel I see him, I turn around and flash my most beautiful smile and wave. I ask my mom if I can go sit with him, but she says no. I will see him in class again.

On our way home I hear my parents talking about inviting his family over for dinner, I am so nervous, am I actually going to meet his parents so soon. Is this going to fast I wonder?

Well I'm sure those were not Emma's thoughts exactly, but now you atleast have an idea of what we have been going through for the last week. It's kinda cute, Hunter's parents keep talking to us at church about all the cute things they do in primary. I hope Emma doesnt get carried away, all little girls go through this stage...Right?